About Us

Our staff includes professional engineers and registered surveyors, technical support personnel, and an administrative assistant. Each person based upon their experience and skill level has specialized areas of expertise.

The unique feature about
Berry Huff McDonald Milligan, Inc.
is that we are truly an owner-operated firm.  Each of the project managers/engineers is a partner, experienced engineer, and personally involved in making each project a success.  This also provides for long stability for the owner-engineer relationship.

William Thompson - Partner, Project Manager      wthompson@bh2m.com

Walter Pelkey – Partner, Project Manager               wpelkey@bh2m.com

Andrew Morrell, P.E. – Partner, Project Engineer     amorrell@bh2m.com

Steven Blake, P.E. - Project Engineer                        sblake@bh2m.com

Robert Libby, PLS - Partner, Manager Survey Dept.  rlibby@bh2m.com

Austin Fagan - Engineer                                            afagan@bh2m.com